If you are looking for a complete app development solution — from concept to design to creation to market — Phoenix Web Group is the right company.
We specialize in a variety of industries, but we know the Commodities and Agriculture markets like the back of our hand. Clients from the smallest start-ups to the largest Fortune 500 companies rely on our solutions to simplify their tasks and give them an edge on igniting their potential.
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AMI Sentry

AMI Sentry by SmallData Tech provides multiple solutions that automate the meter reading retrieval process for their clients.

The Challenge: Municipalities and utility services have found that manual data collection can be time-consuming, subject to error, and most importantly, expensive.

The Solution: PWG created flexible, comprehensive solutions for AMI Sentry consisting of a web-based data management and reporting solution, as well as the ability to integrate withing existing reporting systems.

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Nebraska NRDs

Nebraska's Natural Resource Districts are involved in a wide variety of projects and programs to conserve and protect the state's natural resources.

The Challenge: The NRDs that Phoenix Web Group partnered with all shared a similar problem – relying on multiple antiquated databases that created extra work and inconsistencies.

The Solution: PWG devised a modular, customizable, web-based system that allowed the NRDs to have a single point of contact for their resource managment and record keeping. The solution also includes the ability for remote field work, automatic report generation, and online producer input.

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SafeSentry is an automated temperature scanning and data management system, providing both hardware and software solutions to help protect from COVID-19.

The Challenge: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SmallData Tech created an automated temperature scanning and data managment solution, which required robust back-end programming for real-time responsiveness.

The Solution: PWG devised a customizable, web-based system that collects, analyzes, and reports all readings received from the SafeSentry screening stations. This aggregated information provides their clients the ability to monitor and manage the risk of their population.

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For general information regarding our services you may either call our main number, contact us via email, or use the form to the right.
For general information regarding our services you may either call our main number, contact us via email, or use the form below.

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