Phoenix Web Group is not like other custom software firms. We're a partner dedicated to understanding your business up-front, viewing ourselves as an extension of your team.
We specialize in a variety of industries, but we know the Commodities and Agriculture markets like the back of our hand. Clients from the smallest start-ups to the largest Fortune 500 companies rely on our solutions to simplify their tasks and give them an edge on igniting their potential.
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AMI Sentry

AMI Sentry by SmallData Tech provides multiple solutions that automate the meter reading retrieval process for their clients.

The Challenge: Municipalities and utility services have found that manual data collection can be time-consuming, subject to error, and most importantly, expensive.

The Solution: PWG created flexible, comprehensive solutions for AMI Sentry consisting of a web-based data management and reporting solution, as well as the ability to integrate within existing reporting systems.

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Nebraska NRDs

Nebraska's Natural Resource Districts are involved in a wide variety of projects and programs to conserve and protect the state's natural resources.

The Challenge: The NRDs that Phoenix Web Group partnered with all shared a similar problem – relying on multiple antiquated databases that created extra work and inconsistencies.

The Solution: PWG devised multiple modular, customizable, web-based systems that have allowed the NRDs to have a single point of contact for their resource management and record keeping. The solutions also included the ability for remote field work, automatic report generation, and online producer input.

Thumbnail Image - United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Since 1955, the United Nations congresses on crime prevention and criminal justice have brought together professionals and scholars to discuss common concerns, share experiences and seek viable solutions to problems related to crime prevention and criminal justice worldwide.

The Challenge: As an ancillary site, the UN Crime Congress required a single repository where attendees, presenters, and volunteers could register for professional and specialized meetings as well as exhibitions and publications.

The Solution: PWG devised a web-based registration system that allowed presenters and exhibitors to request meeting rooms and spaces, and also provided volunteers the opportunity to apply for open positions. A built-in management system allowed administrators to approve or reject all applications, assign and organize all ancillary meetings and exhibits, disseminate publications, and organize the volunteer staff.

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SDT Watermark

SmallData Tech provides scalable networks for monitoring and recording environmental changes as well as resource management. Their services greatly benefit producers, consumers, farmers, businesses, municipalities, utilities, and government agencies.

The Challenge: Inefficient irrigation system utilization can result in the misuse of water resources, lowered crop output, direct reduction in a farmers' economic return, as well as creating negative environmental consequences.

The Solution: PWG developed an online irrigation scheduling tool that integrated crop monitoring, current weather, and weather predictions to improve the timing and applications of irrigation.

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Central Valley Ag

Central Valley Ag, a farmer-owned cooperative, is a forward-thinking leader in grain, agronomy, feed, and energy with 90 locations across Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.

The Challenge: Wanting to focus on becoming a stronger partner with their customers, CVA needed to update their producer input and reporting system. This new system needed to be easy to use as well as handle all of their seed sales.

The Solution: A multifaceted, web-based operational tool was created to help facilitate a much easier method of entering and maintaining records and reports. The solution was customizable for all locations across all required states.

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HedgeLogic Office Manager™ is a software solution that provides grain originators with two valuable services: daily position reporting and the reduction of operational cost and risk inherent in cash and futures markets.

The Challenge: HedgeLogic recognized a need for a tool in the market that reduced risk of fraud and error, tracked document flow and counterparty exposure, and minimized redundant entry of data, all while supporting both look-alikes and complex instruments with no requirements to use a specific upstream provider.

The Solution: PWG developed an online solution that automates several of the processes associated with commodity trading, reducing the cost and risk of back office operations and eliminating the need for spreadsheets.

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